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What we do

Together with our partners, we optimise the floral supply chain between East Africa and the Netherlands. We do this in a sustainable way by improving processes, sharing information and digitising the supply chain where we can. All with the aim of ensuring smooth flower handling processes, so the flowers remain fresh and beautiful, longer…

The Holland Flower Alliance is active on three levels:

Process innovation

Transporting flowers from growers all the way to consumers is not straightforward. In order for the blooms to survive the journey, stringent temperature control is required. The delicate nature of the product, combined with the challenges of air transport, means specific skills and expertise are needed to manage flower logistics.

To achieve this, we carefully look at each element of the process. We minimise any risk of damage or delay due to excess handling. We also address the problem of cut flowers being shipped at temperatures that are often too high. In this way, we ensure that flowers receive optimal care and attention. The consumer can enjoy the beauty of the flowers for longer, and an efficient and optimised floral chain also means added value for the flower trade.

Information sharing

Delicate flower cargo requires a smooth logistics chain to make transport times as short as possible. Digital information sharing is vital. Customs procedures must be taken care of and documentation must be in place well ahead of schedule. By improving information exchange at every leg of the journey, risks of delay are minimised.

Moreover, the Holland Flower Alliance looks for ways to set up a customised cargo flight data system to plan shipments, manage supply chain activities and monitor trends.


Standardised packaging is part of Holland Flower Alliance’s strategic vision, which aims to reduce the supply chain’s 200 to 300 different packaging materials. The objective is also to optimise packaging in terms of quality, sustainability, stackability, standardisation and packing density.

Different transporting legs mean different points of handover, giving rise to potential temperature fluctuations and stress to the flowers. Moreover, handovers are never good for flower quality. They should be minimised to prevent things going wrong or the product being mishandled. Standardised packaging enhances the quality and longevity of flowers.