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What we do

The Holland Flower Alliance was formed to optimise the logistics of the floricultural supply chain, from growth in East Africa and South America, through carriage to the local airport, seamless ground handling and clearance of customs documentation, air carriage to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, transport, storage and delivery to Royal FloraHolland customers. All at optimum temperature and with the minimum of intervention and delay.

The Holland Flower Alliance is active on five levels:

Process innovation

The transporting of flowers from growers to consumer is not straightforward, it has to meet stringent temperature requirements in order for the blooms to survive the journey. The extremely delicate nature of the product combined with the challenges of air transport means managing flower logistics demands specific skills and expertise.

To achieve this we need to look carefully at each element of the process, minimising any risks of damage or delay due to excess handling and to address the problem of cut flowers being shipped at temperatures that are often too high, ensuring that the flowers receive the optimum care and attention. Not only does that mean that the consumer can enjoy the beauty of the flowers for longer, but an efficient and optimum ‘floral chain’ also means added value for the flower trade.

Information sharing

Digital information sharing is also vital. Delicate cargo such as flowers requires a smooth logistics chain to make transport times as short as possible. Customs procedures must be taken care of and documentation in place well ahead of schedule. By improving information exchange at every leg of the journey, risks of delay can be minimised.

Moreover, the Holland Flower Alliance will look for ways to set up a customised cargo flight data system to plan shipments, manage supply chain activities and monitor trends.


Standardised packaging is part of Holland Flower Alliance’s strategic vision which aims to reduce the supply chain’s 200 to 300 different packaging materials. The objective is also to optimise packaging in terms of quality, stackability, standardisation and packing density.

Different transporting legs mean different points of handover, giving rise to potential temperature fluctuations and stress to the flowers. Moreover, handovers are never good for flower quality; they should be minimised to prevent things going wrong or the product being mishandled. Standardised packaging would hugely enhance the quality and longevity of flowers.


Holland is our home, Amsterdam our home base. Together with our partners we have over 100 years of Dutch experience in floricultural logistics.


A prime benefit for flower supply professionals is having a single entity providing strategic goals for the industry as a whole, advocacy, promotion and collaboration on key issues that matter most to the supply chain.

The Holland Flower Alliance is working hard to make the Amsterdam region the world’s preferred flower hub, a place where horticultural logistics are optimally organised and where the logistics chain – from grower to wholesaler – is best facilitated.

To achieve this goal, we are initially focussing on describing and setting up the ideal supply chain, IT integration, and the positioning of the region and the logistics chain.


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