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For the fourth time in a row Nairobi set the stage for the Flower Logistics Africa (FLA) conference. The platform gives growers, the flower transportation sector as well as parties such as KEPHIS (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service), Flowerwatch  and the Kenyan Flower Council a place to network and discuss issues as digitalization, cool chain optimization, packaging and market developments in the fresh cut flower industry.

HFA discusses industry standardizations

The Holland Flower Alliance is invested in FLA as it offers the perfect platform to get in touch with African industry stakeholders to create standards in the flower logistics sector. Upon return the team was happy to see that more growers are actively participating and extra efforts have been put into the discussion of active cool chain management. Another important topic for HFA is the standardized flowerbox that makes palletizing for air transport more efficient and cost effective. In the panel on Packaging Innovations, Robert Stelling from Royal FloraHolland, further explained how the introductory pilot of the ideal flowerbox is currently being upscaled and is now used on more flower flights from Nairobi to Amsterdam.