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Holland Flower Alliance

Prolonging the lasting beauty of flowers

The Holland Flower Alliance is an enterprising group of floricultural industry professionals dedicated to logistics innovation and sustainability. It was founded in 2016 by Royal FloraHolland, Schiphol Cargo and KLM Cargo.

What we do

Prolonging the lasting beauty of flowers

The Netherlands has a rich history in the growing and trading of flowers. All over the world, a link is drawn between Holland and flowers.

The transportation of flowers is a delicate process. The less often they are physically handled during their transportation, the longer they will maintain their beauty. The ideal situation is a stable logistics ‘cold chain’ that ensures quick and efficient transportation to keep the flowers as fresh as possible.

To move flowers and plants seamlessly from growers to wholesalers, Royal FloraHolland, Schiphol Cargo and KLM Cargo have initiated the Holland Flower Alliance – an ambitious group of floricultural logistics professionals, dedicated to the pursuit of innovation and sustainability in the floral supply chain.

The cut flower industry is flourishing, mainly on the back of an air freight industry that is instrumental in providing quick and efficient transportation of flowers. With process innovation and the smart use of data sharing, we seek to optimise and increase the speed and efficiency of the supply of freshly cut flowers.

Holland. Home of floral excellence.

News and updates

Air France-KLM Cargo goes full throttle despite strong headwinds

While growth in global trade and demand for air freight is stalling, Air France-KLM Cargo is going full throttle to further adopt technology-driven innovation. “The capability of processing massive amounts of data will help bolster our market...

Watch our video on optimizing the floral logistics chain

Optimizing the floral logistics supply chain is the main goal of Holland Flower Alliance. One of our latest initiatives is the creation of the ideal flower box, which resulted in a 15 per cent increase of weight on airline pallets and boxes on the Nairobi to Amsterdam...

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol supports sustainability in the shipment of flowers through the ideal flowerbox

The Holland Flower Alliance moves to phase two of the Ideal Flowerbox project after a successful trial on the Nairobi, Africa to Amsterdam, Netherlands, route Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is supporting the Holland Flower Alliance (HFA) as they work towards implementing...