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Holland Flower Alliance

Together, we prolong the eternal beauty of flowers
Only by working together, can we drive excellence throughout the floral supply chain. Only by working together, can we enhance efficiency and initiate sustainable solutions. Only by working together, can we prolong the eternal beauty of flowers.
What we do

Together, we prolong the eternal beauty of flowers

All over the world, an inextricable link is drawn between flowers and the Netherlands. For generations, the country has been a leading grower, trader and transporter of this unique commodity.

Getting the most beautiful blooms from growers to people’s homes involves a considerable journey. Transporting flowers is a delicate process. The better they are handled, the longer they will maintain their beauty. The ideal situation is a supply chain that ensures reliable, sustainable and efficient transportation, one that keeps the flowers as fresh as possible.

That’s why KLM Cargo, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Royal FloraHolland joined hands in 2016. Together, we already have more than 100 years of valuable experience in trading and transporting flowers. With our partners, we aim to improve the quality of the entire floral supply chain to ensure that flowers remain fresh and beautiful, now and the future.

News and updates

HFA partner AFKLM shows dedication to flower industry during challenging COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the entire flower supply chain from the grower to the seller. Holland Flower Alliance (HFA) member Air France KLM Martinair (AFKLMP) Cargo and airfreight handling company Total Touch Cargo, have been working closely to...

Holland Flower Alliance: working together towards more sustainable air transport

As a part of the Holland Flower Alliance, Royal FloraHolland is working with partners KLM Cargo and Schiphol Cargo to ensure that flowers can be transported by air in a more sustainable manner. Wico Santbulte (KLM Cargo), Roos Bakker (Schiphol Cargo) and Eline van den...

Holland Flower Alliance (HFA) team roots for industry standards in Nairobi

For the fourth time in a row Nairobi set the stage for the Flower Logistics Africa (FLA) conference. The platform gives growers, the flower transportation sector as well as parties such as KEPHIS (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service), Flowerwatch  and the Kenyan...

Air France-KLM Cargo goes full throttle despite strong headwinds

While growth in global trade and demand for air freight is stalling, Air France-KLM Cargo is going full throttle to further adopt technology-driven innovation. “The capability of processing massive amounts of data will help bolster our market...